Winners of our Instagram Photo Competition!

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Mary Mags Project & Westbourne Festival Instagram Photo Competition

#MyHeritageW2 and #BestFestW2

We are happy to announce the winners of our Instagram Photo Competition in partnership with Westbourne Festival. The two winners offered us great snaps of both the local area and the Festival. 

The winner of #BestFestW2 is @vas_chrs and he shared with us the following snap:

Westbourne Festival 2018

Genuinely proud for having chosen my photo as the best festival photo for Paddington National Heritage. 🏆 #london🇬🇧 #londoner #londonsummer #paddington #myheritagew2 #bestfestw2 #marymagspad

The winner of #MyHeritageW2 is and she shared with us the following snap:


Westbourne Festival 2018

Coming to London I never expected to see sceneries with such beauty. This is why I already love London, it’s so diverse!!! Paddington one of my favorite areas in the city! In the background we see St Mary Magdalene which is a landmark in this part of Paddington” #MyHeritageW2 #communitylife #thisispaddington#liveinlondon #summerinlondon#sundayfunday☀️

The winners received a £25 Amazon Voucher and the photo of #MyHeritageW2 will be featured in our next heritage exhibition. The rest of the participants’ photos will be uploaded every Friday to our social media accounts. Thank you all for taking part! Keep following us on Instagram and Twitter